My Groomer Is Booked, Family Is Coming, Now What?

My Groomer Is Booked, Family Is Coming, Now What?

BlackPaw’s Self Service Dog Wash is Here to Save The Day!

Our professional dog grooming appointments, prior to the holidays are almost completely booked up. Many pet owners agree that a clean dog makes the Holidays a bit less stressful, so there’s no confusion as to why we book up so fast. While we are almost completely booked up for pre-holiday professional grooming appointments, there are a couple ways to get your pup feeling and looking holiday ready.

First and foremost, even if you call our shop in Louisville, Colorado and we have no appointments for professional grooming at that time, we have an excellent waitlist that we call on when we have last minute cancellations. It’s always a good idea to get put on the waitlist as a backup plan. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, we also have a wonderful self-serve dog wash station right in our shop. We provide everything but the dog, (but to be fair, we have plenty of those to offer up too :)

We have an amazing self-serve dog wash equipped with all of the essentials needed to get your pup looking and feeling their best at your own convenience. Our self-serve dog wash features standing tups with clip in slip lead holders, shampoo integrated water nozzles, high velocity dryers, brushes, combs, nail trimmers, and towels. We even provide waterproof aprons to keep you dry! These tubs are offered on a first come, first serve basis; but may operate on a waitlist as we get closer to the holidays. Bring yourself and your dog in for a bath and leave the mess to us!

Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations

Our pets are a part of the family and it’s only right that they too look and feel their best through the holiday season. Our self-serve dog wash station gives your dog the opportunity to relax and enjoy getting pampered. It is definitely the best alternative if you want your dog to access high-quality grooming without the mess in your home.

Some of the features found in our dog wash stations include:

Easy access tubs with a dog clip for a safe and secure washing

  • Aprons to keep you dry and clean 
  • Waterspout integrated shampoo and conditioner for easy bathing
  • Towels, brushing and de-shedding tools
  • High velocity dryers for an efficient drying 

After the Self-Serve Wash

If you are among the dog owners that did not get a grooming appointment scheduled before your holiday fun begins, after a mess free bath at our self-serve dog wash station, here are a few grooming tasks you can do at home.

Teeth brushing

Dogs need regular teeth brushing so that they can keep their canines in health conditions. This is something you easily do from the comfort of your home. Pick up dog safe toothpaste from BlackPaw when you bring your pet in for a bath to keep your pet’s mouth fresh.

Coat Brushing

After a good brushing at BlackPaw, continue to brush your pooch in the days following their bath. This will ensure all the extra hair is removed from your pet and does not end up on your family members’ furniture when visiting for the holidays. Extra hair sheds following a good bath.

Nail Grinding/ Clipping

It is an essential part of doggy care that is included in our professional grooming services. Regular nail care not only keeps your pet comfortable but also helps prevent all possible infections or injuries. We offer drop-in in pre-scheduled nail trimmings almost every day of the week and would be happy to assist you with this after your self-service bath. 

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