Professional Dog Grooming

Pamper Your Pooch.

When you want to pamper your pooch with the highest quality of grooming services,

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Bath & Brush

Just the basics here, although our service is anything but basic! Your pup will get a nice sudsy wash, a full dry, and some relaxing brushing that brings out the natural shine in their fur. And of course, through it all, we’ll shower them with lots of love and affection.

Natural Groom

Everything in Bath and Brush, with a few bonus services that take it up a notch. After their cozy bath, each dog is dried by hand with a plush towel, then given an all over “natural” cut and follow up brush. We trim up the areas that are uneven to leave your favorite ball of fluff at their fluffiest.

Feet, Face and Fanny

Everything included in Bath and Brush, while also providing a trim to your pet’s feet, face, and fanny. No more eyelashes hanging over their eyes, no more “grinch feet,” and no more poopy butts!

Full Groom

Everything included in the Bath and Brush. Then your dog is dried by hand with a plush towel and trimmed to breed standard, or to your request. Our qualified groomers are experienced in gentle grooming of all breeds, and if you’re unsure of your preferred style, we can recommend a trim that will leave your pet looking their best.

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Add Ons Your Pooch Will Love.

BlackPaw has everything your pet needs to live their best life – and look good doing it!

Teeth Brushing | $10.00

Even pooches need regular teeth brushing to keep those pearly whites in good condition (and to keep their breath fresh). This service can be added on to any grooming appointment for an additional $10.00. We make sure to get all those hard-to-reach teeth – even those chompers way in the back – with an enzymatic toothpaste to fight tooth grime and plaque build-up. Now your pup will be ready for their close-up!

CBD | Calming Add on | $5.00

Have an especially anxious dog? Let us calm them down by administering the proper dose of CBD oil for them in anticipation of their appointment. CBD will never be administered without the request of the pet owner and a CBD agreement on file.

Nail Clipping/Grinding | Included in all grooming services

This essential part of doggy care is included in all grooming services. Regular nail care not only keeps your dog comfortable, but it can also help prevent injuries and infection. If you’re short on time and just need to bring your pet in for a quick clip, we also offer a la carte nail clipping for $15.00 and grindings for $20.00, twice a week in the morning before our full-service grooming appointments begin. This allows your pet to be in and out with a very short wait time for you, and gives our groomers dedicated time to focus on their regular grooming services on other days and times.

Ear Cleaning | Included in all grooming services

This is included with all grooming services, but can also be scheduled during our a la carte nail trim days and times.

Anal Gland Expression | Included in all grooming services

This is included with all grooming services, but can also be scheduled during our a la carte nail trim days and times.

De-Shedding | $15 per 15 minutes

All grooming packages come with 15 minutes of de-shedding time included in the cost. Depending on the dog breed or condition of the fur, there may be times when a pet requires more de-shedding, in which case additional fees may apply. We will never provide additional de-shedding services without your approval, and if we feel that we are going to go over the allotted time, we will contact you for further instruction. You can also request at the time of drop-off that we don’t exceed a certain amount of de-shedding time. We will always ensure our services remain within your budget!

De-Matting | $15 per 15 minutes

Matting on dogs can be very uncomfortable and can hide or exacerbate health concerns, but the good news is that severe matting can be prevented with routine care and regular brushing between grooming appointments. It is important to remember to comb/brush down to the skin of your pet to prevent tangles and matts from forming, and our staff is always happy to demonstrate the proper brushing technique at any time by request.

Not only does matting cause extreme discomfort for your fur baby, de-matting can be extremely uncomfortable, stressful, and even painful if your dog’s skin is sensitive or the matting is severe. Brushing out matts can take anywhere from several hours to several days, and can cost you hundreds of extra dollars. If your pet’s matting is severe, we would not be able to offer the extensive de-matting services needed, although we may be able to recommend another grooming provider to assist. That being said, we are more than happy to de-matt less severe cases that have a hope of coming unmatted, at the charge of $15.00 per 15 minutes of de-matting, with a maximum of 20 minutes. We can typically assess the coat of the dog and can immediately inform you if we are able to help or not, while giving you an idea of the extent of de-matting or shaving needed in your particular case.

Before you leave upon drop-off, we will have you sign our de-matting/shaving waiver at that time. Occasionally, the bottom of the coat is hidden by fluff, and does not get assessed until we are beginning the pre-bath brushing process. If we find that the matting is too extreme to be brushed out at that time, we will pause our grooming, and immediately contact you to discuss your options. We are happy to allow pick up of your pet if you’d like to receive a second opinion from a vet or a different groomer, or if you would prefer to work on brushing out the matts in the comfort of your own home. The final option we can offer is to shave the pet down past the matts and tangles, allowing the opportunity for a fresh, new, and healthy coat to grow.