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Garmin Xero® A1i PRO Bow Sight

Garmin Xero® A1i PRO Bow Sight

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Garmin Xero® A1i PRO Bow Sight

Auto-ranging Digital Sight with Dual-color LED Pins and Micro-adjustable Rails

Be ready at a moment’s notice by using our most advanced auto-ranging digital bow sight yet. With a fast and easy to set up, giving you line of sight feedback to take your best shot every time.

Bow-mounted auto-ranging digital sight automatically measures distance to the target and provides a precise LED pin for the shot

  • Designed for easy setup with micro-adjustments for elevation, windage and laser reticle alignment
  • Automatically creates pin stack from 0 yards to the maximum distance for your bow based on arrow speed and calibration points
  • Dynamic level feature delivers leveling info right at the pin with variable sensitivity based on shot distance, so you can stay focused on the shot
  • Quick detach feature lets you easily remove and reconnect the sight from the bow riser for travel
  • The flight apex feature flashes a pin above the aiming point that shows the apex of your arrow’s flight
  • Xtra Distance (XD) mode lets you set your sight in an extended position to show pins out to farther distances
  • Laser Locate waypoint projection feature enables use of compatible Garmin GPS devices (sold separately) to know exactly where the target was located when the shot or range was taken
  • Dual-color LED pins allow you to clearly see your target, unobstructed by physical pins
  • Make true second-axis adjustments for perfectly plumb pins

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