Dog Breeds that Need Professional Grooming

Dog Breeds that Need Professional Grooming

Statistics show that 70 percent of the households in the United States own a dog. Dogs are beneficial to the owners as they help them to stay active and lively. They also offer unconditional love and frequent cuddles, which help reduce solitude and lower stress, anxiety, and tension levels. Since you benefit so much from owning a dog pet, you should strive to ensure they are comfortable and healthy. You can achieve this through grooming your puppy regularly. Brushing your dog ensures enough ventilation through the fur.

Furthermore, the damaged hair is removed, allowing the growth of stronger and healthier hair/fur. Grooming your puppy is a great way to ensure that your indoor air is fresh and safe for breathing. When grooming your dog, it is best to learn all the proper practices to minimize potentially serious grooming injuries to your dog. If you are not confident in your ability to properly groom your dog, or if it seems like a daunting task, you should hire a professional dog groomer to do the task. Professional cleaning ensures that your dog’s skin and coat are kept healthy. Besides, the expert can easily detect signs of illnesses, allowing you to address the issue swiftly. Keep reading to see if your dog is among the breeds that require this service.


The Poodle dog breed is highly recognized for being elegant and fancy. Studies show that they are the most pampered and spoiled puppy variety. The high-end maintenance is attributed to their social, intelligent personality. This breed has three types of dogs: standard, miniature, and toy. All the types are suitable if you need an energetic furry friend. They are valuable companions with whom you can comfortably walk or run with.

The poodle has a beautiful lavish fur coat that requires regular trimming and cleaning since they do not shed off their fur like most breeds. If you own this breed as a pet, we recommend hiring experts in order to maintain their fabulous look. Regular fur cutting and brushing ensure that it does not tangle to form painful knots.

Experts play an important role while grooming your poodle. They have the right tools, including a fancy pair of scissors and clippers. The clippers ensure that your fur puppy gets the right haircut. There are several styles to choose from; opt for one that you and your dog enjoy most. In addition, specialists have the appropriate dog shampoo and conditioner to keep your furry friend glowing without causing harm and/or irritation to the skin.

Doodle Breeds

Doodle breeds have become increasingly popular due to their easy-going nature, poodle-like intelligence, and with a lack of shedding that makes them great for people with allergies or young families. It is important to note the amount of grooming required to keep them healthy though. Doodle breeds such as golden-doodles, aussie-doodles, labradoodles, berne-doodles etc., need grooming every 4-8 weeks, as well as daily/weekly brushing down to their skin. Without this frequent care, they can become incredibly matted, leading to several other hidden conditions that can affect the overall health and happiness of your dog. Because doodle breeds have a hair-like texture as opposed to fur, think of not grooming and not brushing them frequently as the same as not brushing your own long hair and expecting it not to get matted and tangled.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise dogs are very cheerful and ready to entertain. Their friendliness allows them to be comfortable around people. Consequently, they easily make new friends in new crowds. Furthermore, they are child-friendly; hence, you can leave them to play with children without worry. Like the other fur pets, they also require regular brushing to prevent mats. The coating of this variety comprises hair rather than fur. What’s more, is that they do not shed their hair frequently. Instead, they have a way of trapping the dead hairs in their fluffy coat. Brushing by a dog groomer will help remove the trapped hair from the body. You should call a professional groomer to brush and cut their hair frequently. After brushing, they always seem cheerful and more comfortable.

Double Coated Dogs

Double coated dogs include many of the favorite household dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Pomeranians, Huskies, Pyrenees, Chows, Border Collies, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Corgis, and so many more. While you can easily groom these breeds at home with the proper research and tools, many people opt to have these breeds on a regular grooming schedule between 8-12 weeks to maximize the de-shedding process, nail upkeep, and teeth brushing.


This dog breed originates from Hungary. They are commonly known for herding. Their coat is thick and corded, that is, matted and dreadlock-like. They are covered from head to tail with cords giving them their elegant look. They are agile as well as faithful which enables them to work closely with human beings. Additionally, they are very clever and like spending time outdoors. Also, they are overly light, which makes them suitable for sports performance. Regardless of the corded fur, Puli pets are easy to clean. However, it may take a while to dry the cords after cleaning. Certified groomers have a piece of specialized equipment that helps fasten the drying process, which is why we recommend calling for professional cleaners rather than doing it yourself. When you groom them at home, they take longer to dry, and the cold may harm their health.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound breed has a smooth and silky coat. They are a sighthound and, therefore, can hunt independently of humans using speed and scent. They are recognized for their beauty and are very playful with family and friends. They easily connect with people, allowing them to be very comfortable and relaxed. Their hair is flowy and therefore requires frequent brushing and cleaning. Moreover, they need regular grooming because they easily get matted, especially between the toes. Mats on their skin cause irritation and diseases, which makes constant grooming mandatory. To make grooming comfortable and eliminate discomfort, a professional dog groomer will never brush Afghans dry. The expert is keen first to wash and brush the pet gently when they are still wet.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog is an intelligent breed that makes a wonderful companion to families. They are very clever and therefore suitable for family step-ups with or without children: they can thrive in all areas. In families with kids, they enjoy playing with kids of all ages. They have curly hair rather than fur on their coat. The hair is constantly growing and therefore requires regular trimming and brushing. Moreover, they require frequent professional clipping to maintain their beauty. They rarely shed hair; meaning, they are less likely to cause allergic reactions to your family members. In addition, they make excellent swimmers and runners, which makes them a perfect choice for a therapy dog.


Komondors are very loyal and protective to their families due to their guarding nature. Accordingly, there are more alert and careful around outsiders. Just like the Puli breed, they are from Hungary. They highly specialize in livestock guarding. Their coats have thick cords that resemble dreadlocks. Due to the dreadlock nature of their fur, Komondors do not require brushing. Instead, you should hire experts to clean them so that they may appear presentable and neat. When cleaning, professionals should handle the cords gently when removing mats to prevent pain.

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